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Album “Commotion”
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Tracy De Sá


Tracy De Sá


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Tracy De Sá

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Tracy De Sá

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Born in India, raised partially in Portugal where she spent the beginning of her childhood, moved then to Spain where she grew up, and finally established in France: retracing Tracy’s young life means following a route of many thousands of miles across the globe.
Flamenco, reggaeton and R&B nurtured Tracy’s first years in music, before everything was disrupted by a brutal collision with Hip Hop. From the 5 disciplines that originated in the Bronx, she used dance as her first tool, giving rhythm to the beginning of the 2000s with acrobatics and contortions; with battles and clashes, driven by the energy and competitiveness of Hip Hop. The artistry between rappers, dancers, graffiti artists and DJ’s provocatively overlapped and instinctively Tracy picked up a pen and a paper and joined the discipline of rap. The gestures, the attitude, the activist spirit, all these characteristics were the evidence of a skill that was waiting to be explored.

The stage became her personal boxing ring, for which she trains incessantly. She sees to every detail, perfects every trait and improves her shows; striving to drive them towards perfection, with no time lapses and no place for errors. With the same intention, Tracy has chosen Ovastand to produce her first album “Commotion”.
With the challenge, but also the proudness of being a woman in a world ruled by men; with the technique and mastered flows inspired by 90’s rap music, Tracy accelerates, headlights on, straight into new opportunities and takes a glance from time to time into her rear-view mirror. Word play and metaphors that can be visualized make important subjects sound so subtle in Tracy’s songs as she firmly holds the mic’. Tracy sweeps her listeners off their feet with improvised and risky changes in rhythm and she galvanizes the audience with vigorous rhymes. She talks about change, life and doubts, reciting the story of a small girl who left India and flourished throughout her journey, amidst the chaotic roads of new cities.


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